Wednesday, 24 December 2014

3 Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Hello my dears! In the run up to Christmas I am sure most of you, have already found the best gifts for your beloved.. or not yet?? Personally, when it comes to gift decision, I usually get stumped and confused, and most of the times, I leave it all until the last minute.. If you find yourselves in my shoes, don't panic, there is still some time...
Why don't you snag one of the following ideas?

1. Shift the focus from buying to offering

Offer a Goat, a pig or a chicken to your friends, or buy seeds, books, food for children, through PresentAid, and help poor communities around the world. You can choose a smart E- card and send it to your beloved with a warm message. I have already presented to my sis a goat and a duck!Why don't you try it?
Otherwise, you may try KIVA, and lend as little as $25 to empower individuals around the world that have no access to traditional loans...You choose the borrower, make the loan and when you get repaid, you can repeat to help another one! That was my hubby's Christmas gift last year! also this year!  

2.Give experience rather than things
Why don't you offer a course to your beloved to master their skills or even start a new hobby? If you don't have enough time to check around, there are plenty of choices online. My picks are Udemy and Skillshare
As an alternative, you can buy tickets online for a concert or theater (My friend's, Ali from Bologna, gift for my birthday, always included tickets for a ballet or a theatre.. I loved that, and I will miss it now that we live far away)!

3. Give your personal stamp with a DIY (Food or Not) Gift

In a pinch, you can create a gift jar with hot chocolate mix, risotto mix, bath and body treatment supplies, cookies, or... just put some treats inside and decorate it  with a personalised message on it..The important thing is to make it look that you  dedicated your time to prepare it. Your friends will love it!
Some creative DIY ideas you may find here or here.

My gift list for this year (few exceptions apart) include the above 3 alternatives. If you are not still convinced, there is always the possibility to offer gift cards from favourite online shops.

Did you have a long gift list this year? Do you organise your gift list on time, or are you last minute buyers?


  1. Καλή χρονιάααααααα!

  2. These are good tips, above all because most of us don´t need more stuff ;)


    Gorgeous as ever .You look so chic!


    Thanks for sharing us such a great post! The photos are amazing!


    Thanks for sharing us such a great post! The photos are amazing!