Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kitchen ideas- Got a favourite?

I am recently browsing blogs that tackle issues of interior design, and I must admit I found myself in a pickle that our home decoration is out of date! So, I came to the conclusion that we absolutely need to renovate it, since we are moving by the end of the May! Therefore, I thought it would be of a great help, to keep track of the ideas I loved, and is there any better solution than sharing them with you? And why not, asking for your opinion?

My first post is dedicated into kitchen rooms.. In our new house, we need to set up everything from scratch, including the kitchen. "Die K├╝che" is not very big because there is a seperate room for the dinning, so here are some of the ideas in the web that I liked..which one do you prefer?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Moving to Germany

It is official: We are moving out from Italy to Germany by the end of May! (therefore, I am not and I am not going to be so punctual in blogging..) The countdown has began! Next life destination: Lippstadt. It is a lovable mid-sized town in the north of Germany (Westphalia). It is also nicknamed “Venice of Westphalia", due to the many Lippe arms that criss-cross though the town centre...I was there last weekend to see some houses, and I found it is such a cute town! It seems very calm (if you compare it to Thessaloniki or Bologna) but a very family friendly town, full of parks, which is more than perfect for us!