Monday, 24 March 2014

My most special town: Florence

Last Saturday, an almost summer day in the mid-March, we took a little trip to Florence, to see friends and spend some time in our most special town! Florence is a very important place to us! It is where we met, we fell in love, and afterwards got married (well, in fact we got married in Toscany but Florence is Toscany afterall!). 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Green clay: The caddle of life

I am writting this post to share with you my new discovery ! Ever since my pregnancy I fret about all the nasty ingredients in conventional beauty products... Therefore, I started relying on natural and bio-organic least whenever they live up to their promises! And I guarantee that the green clay works wonders! 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Home tour: Davide's home

Welcome to the first home tour on my blog! I hope you will enjoy it! 
The first stop is my friend Davide's very cozy and charming appartment, full of very interesting items, which give the feeling to touch and hold and turn his home so inviting!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Have a wonderful weekend!

It is already weekend! What are your plans? My husband is coming home for this weekend, so it is going to be a hectic Saturday! I am looking forward to it! We have some plans: to have fun with the girls, in our first class of "music together"! Have you heard about it? It is an international music and movement educational program, where children and their parents share songs, rhymes, instruments and dance all together! It should be a lot of fun! Has anybody tried it? At the evening we plan to meet up with friends, probably for the ritualistic italian "aperitivo" here (the main sala is decorated with frescoes) or here (historical and unconventional place in Bologna, where everyone can bring in food, from the local shops around, and indulge oneself a great selection of wines). These two places deserve to be on the bucket list if you visit Bologna!
What are your plans

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Heart knows things that mind can't explain

Για ελληνικά εδώ
Happy March! It seems to me that February constantly flies right by, I honestly can't figure out why..Six Februaries ago, I took my car full of boxes and arrived to Italy.. Most people I knew, kept on telling me that I was literally out of my mind to leave behind all my life: my family, friends, home, job etc and start from scratch at the age of 28 (maybe too old?) in a different country, without job nor friends, stay with a guy that I knew for 3 years only on vacation. I remember I was haunted with fear but absolutely determined that this adventure, whatever the conclusion, will be full of experiences...After 6 years, I am the happiest person on earth to have made that decision! I must admit that these years were intense, with so much joyfulness, as well as difficulties and tears, and that positively changed me a lot! I took the risk and I won my bet!