Monday, 17 November 2014


As we are getting further to Christmas, I have been searching for the best ornaments to decorate our new house. Under this spirit, I have decided that this is a great opportunity for me to spend some creative time with my girls and design our advent calendar! As a kid I remember my father was bringing us chocolate filled advent calendars, which we adored! However, I prefer that my girls would not eat one chocolate for 25 days in a raw... instead, we could design an activity advent calendar and fill it with small "surprises", a nice idea to get the family doing things together during the holidays. 
Therefore, I searched the web to find the perfect DIY advent calendar and here is some inspiration. Have a gander at, and help me to decide:) :  

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Family Trip to Gulpen & Maastricht, Limburg, Holland

Hello my dearest blog friends, and sorry for the short absence! It has been really hectic around here! This post is dedicated to our 3 days trip in the south Holland, specifically to Limburg, which was held last week. My mother in law paid us a visit, so we took advantage to travel a bit around. I warmly recommend you to visit this part of Holland.. it is so charmingly beautiful! It reminded me of my beloved Tuscany, probably because of the vineyards and the breathtaking hilly landscape (a bit strange for Netherlands), the long green valleys and the small farms around.