Monday, 13 October 2014

48 hours in Berlin

I couldn't help not publishing this post I started writing quite a while ago. In the beginning of September, we took advantage of my parents' visit, and we made a short escape with my husband (without kids!) to our utmost favourite german city (actually one of our best worldwide) : BERLIN.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Autumn wishlist: Midi Skirts

I have always been a supporter of midi skirts (I think most of my skirts and dresses come below my knee), probably because I am not so proud of my legs' structure, but certainly due to my big love for the 50s and 60s, and they remind me of all those female screen legends of the history of the cinema, as Audrey Hepburn,  V. Leigh or Rita Hayworth and how elegant they look in their midi skirts. 
Therefore, I couldn't resist not to buy one more this fall since they are very popular (and probably a trend, or maybe from last year?!.).well, I am not a fashion expert, I have my own mixed easy going style, but I enjoy checking fashion blogs to keep me updated!, so I read somewhere that this year the rocking combo would be oversized knits and midi skirts! My height, only 1.64 , unfortunately does not permit me to wear them both at the same time, or I will look like a miserable potato, But here I am, trying to hit, a more appropriate to my dimensions, look!