Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kitchen ideas- Got a favourite?

I am recently browsing blogs that tackle issues of interior design, and I must admit I found myself in a pickle that our home decoration is out of date! So, I came to the conclusion that we absolutely need to renovate it, since we are moving by the end of the May! Therefore, I thought it would be of a great help, to keep track of the ideas I loved, and is there any better solution than sharing them with you? And why not, asking for your opinion?

My first post is dedicated into kitchen rooms.. In our new house, we need to set up everything from scratch, including the kitchen. "Die Küche" is not very big because there is a seperate room for the dinning, so here are some of the ideas in the web that I liked..which one do you prefer?

and enjoy some VIP kitchens: 

What about the modern red and white Sarah Jessica Parker's Kitchen? How cute the apple print is?!

I really love Keri Russell's Kitchen, the combination between metal and wood is one of my favourite design ideas

This is Cameron Diaz's kitchen in her NY apartment... Even though is not my style, it seems like a jewel box, isn' it? 

Hilary Duffs "misterious" kitchen

Brooke Shield's family kitchen

Angela Lansbury 's farmhouse style kitchen

Will Ferrell' s sophisticated kitchen 

or Brad Pittìs luxury kitchen?

will you help me out?? 


  1. Ειλικρινά είναι υπέροχες όλες! Δεν νομίζω πως μπορώ να ξεχωρίσω κάποια!
    Κάθε μία έχει τον... τύπο της!
    Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!

  2. I like n.3, n.6 and n.9! But the most important thing about a kitchen I the dishwasher machine, no way!!!!!!

  3. I like 1,8 and Sarah s Jessica Parker...Have a nice weekend

  4. Έχεις διαλέξει τις καλύτερες!!! Ψηφίζω Sarah αλλα και 1,3,5,6. Good luck κ περιμένουμε φωτο απο την καινούργια κουζίνα! Καλό ΣΚ!

  5. Ugh--- I wish I could redo my kitchen. It is so sterile! I like the 3, 4 and 6th options best--- decisions, decisions!

    Oh-- and I am VERY excited for your move to Germany!!!! It will be fantastic, I am sure… we hope it to make it to Europe over our next few moves and ultimately we want to end up in Germany.

  6. My favourite is Brooke Shields' kitchen!
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Oriana xx

  7. Εμένα μου άρεσε η πρώτη περισσότερο από όλες. Και η 6 και η 10. Καλά εντάξει και της Keri Russell είναι υπέρ-φοβερή. Αλλά της Τζέσικα... όχι, δε ξέρω κάτι δε μου άρεσε με το κόκκινο και το πάτωμα.
    Καλό Πάσχα Γεωργία :)

  8. Εγώ λατρεύω ότι είναι μπλε!!!
    Καλό Πάσχα με υγεία και χαρά!

  9. Those ideas are great! I think what appealed to me most is the seventh picture. It’s perfect for a house that has limited space. It seems convenient as well because everything you will need is just within your reach. Anyway, have you already decided which of those will be an inspiration to your kitchen?

    Paddy Wright

  10. Η δευτερη γιατι μου αρεσει το χρώμα στα ντουλάπια
    και αυτη του Will Ferrells, οχι οτι του Brad είναι άσχημη χα χα!

  11. Amazing post! I love it:)

  12. I actually like pic 4 and 5. I love the white kitchen look and the cottage feel for 4 though I think 5 would be a lot more practical as it is sleeker and easier to clean up. I'm particularly in love with the dog in one of the picture and I'm not really helping out here, am I? =D The island style kitchen is quite a dream but that would be more practical for bigger houses too. Island style is a lot easier to work with. Ultimately, the users of the kitchen which is you and your family should come to a consensus on which is the best in terms of practicality and design. =)

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  13. How is one to choose!? I love the garage door on the last one though - so cool!