Thursday, 13 February 2014

Best walking shoes for travel

I am sure it occured to you to get baffled when it comes to what shoes to pack on a trip. The space is limited, whilst you crave to look stylish yet feel comfortable and ready to walk miles without having blisters or sore feet by the end of the day. 

Here are my picks for lots of walking:

1. I swear by Converse "All stars". You always fill right in, they are a great alternative to trainers, and they will not make you look like a tourist.

I loved this platform model but for cheaper models see here

2. For city tourism an ideal choice is the Biker boots: you can wear them with whatever and they always look so cool.

3. For cold destinations there is nothing better than a pair of UGG (or similar)! They are insanely comfy yet so dressy 

4. A great option for spring/summer is a comfortable and so cute pair of TOMS! by the way they pack very well!

loved the "playa" selection! I certainly will get one here by the summer!

5. Birkerstone sandals may not seem so classy, but they are durable and perfect for unlimited walking!They were my best choice during our backpacker trips! They really do the trick!

What are your favourite walking shoes?


  1. I've been looking for some shoes like this for when I go to Florida in May, need to be comfy while I'm walking around those theme parks!

    Corinne x

  2. I liked the shoes you mentioned on yr blog! I believe Toms are the perfect choice for you! thanks for your comment:)

  3. Very nice collection! I have owned Toms, Converse (Chucks are what I call them), Uggs and Birks. Toms are great for casual walking on a summer day, Converses that I had have thicker soles so they are great for rainy days (which I would normally wear), Uggs are a giveaways for winter, Birks are nice during hot days though mine does not have much arch support. Great post! - Amber

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    Thank you & keep sharing..

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