Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Vaccination yes or no?

Today I had my girls vaccinated against MMR. Every night before any vaccination so far, I hardly sleep due to what I have read and heard but part of me feels like I did what I ought to do for them. 
The choice to vaccinate my babies, (the mandatory ones) was not made in a vacuum, on the contrary, I did an investigation and got  informed about whether the vaccines worth the risk or not. 

There are so many debates on the web about this topic giving facts about the risky ingredients that contain the vaccines, such as aluminium, mercury and other metals, and that  there is the risk that vaccination triggers to autism. Moreover, there are articles speaking about the money game on behalf of the pahrmaceautical companies and that they do commit mistakes since there are cases of vaccines that were removed from the market so far.
On the other hand, the prevalence of many of the diseases have dropped practicly to zero in places where they perform the vaccines against them. So the question is: What will happen if we stop having our kids vaccinated? Would theses diseases appear again? We live, work and socialize with people that come from countries where they get no or poor quality vaccination, thus, in my humble opinion the risk is even higher than it used to be some years ago. Diseases like polio make their comeback the last years also in areas are covered with vaccination. Therefore, I think that the benefits from being vaccinated outweigh the risk. I hope I took the right decision.
What do you think for such a controversial topic?


  1. I decided not to vaccinate my baby for the reasons you cited above-and i am happy with it!he is healthy

  2. I also do all vacinatons-I don't even think about not to

  3. I also did the vaccines.I do not believe that lead to autism

  4. Well, for me it isn't even a question. I will vaccinate my daughter against every vaccinable disease, as the risks of adverse effects is too little comparing to benefits for the individual and for the community

  5. I read so much stuff against vaccinations but I believe that the authors have forgotten how many children died from polio before the vaccine has been found, and they ignore that polio seems to be back to USA this year and that tuberculosis has been eradicate from Europe by 80s, I believe, but it's back since 15 years already, due to migrants, but if the local population was vaccinated it couldn't propagate.
    Speaking about the association between vaccines and autisme, Wakefield, the author of the study and of the article published on the "Lancet" in 98, has been trialed in 2010 for falsificating the study, and the Lancet has immediately published their apologies for divulgating it.

  6. I definitely agree with your choice to vaccinate your children.